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Postby 4real » Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:11 pm

As an old punk rocker who heard of Big Lig Lizard in my back Yard (by word of mouth we had no inner net back then). I got to hang out with the band in 92 and had a great time. The definately rocked. I am here to express my sorrow of never getting to talk to Dave Blood about the only peace I have found, Jesus Christ. I used to be the punk rocker and now I am a born-again christian. I too have had to battle the Demon of Depression and suicide. The only thing that has kept me form commiting suicide is Jesus. I am truly sad I never got to share my faith with dave and to thank him for his music......

dave money
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Postby Jennifer » Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:27 pm

That was such a great and perfect Dave story. There are so many of those. He (along with Rodney) taught me the fine art of scenario prank phone calling. There was the time that he convinced me to start jumping around screaming "we love the Beatles" right after we had sex so the neighbors would think we were even more crazy than they already did. He used to send me those little roll-up horoscopes you get at the grocery store and circle the days we'd be together. Every year, even 17 years after we first met - he still called on my birthday. He was always up for a joke or a prank or a dress-up goof. He spent a lot of time with me at Bennington College and he made so many friends even outside of my own. My roommates never minded that he spent so much time there - which is a great testament on its own to his character as no one wants to be cooped up in the same room as a couple for weeks.

I never knew him down, but he knew me very down and loved me through the pits of an eating disorder, never once judging me - just loving me.

Now that I've had a few days to think about all this - I want to remember the things and the stories like Rodney just recounted. I want to remember the good and the fun. I know we all have great Dave stories...
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Postby zabic » Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:45 pm

His first day in Serbia:
I picked him up on the airport and since The Milkmen were a big thing for me, I was surprised how small and fragile he was. He shook hands with me and few seconds afterwards it was as if we knew eachother forever. A cab driver offered us a ride, but when he figured out Dave was American he said he'd take us for something that seemed way too much money and I lived on the totally opposite side of the town. So I took his bags and said, we'll take buses. And buses are a big adventure in Belgrade! We got stuck on the Pancevacki bridge with bus filled with passengers. Until then I tried to teach him some phrases and it went well, but the jam panicked him and he started moaning loudly! People turned around to see what's goind on. But I set down and somehow I managed to convince him we'll be out of the bus soon. So we got to my dusty street. It was a place where a lot og gypsies lived too. I couldn't carry all his bags at once and he couldn't carry them at all being exausted from a long trip, so I set him to wait until I got some help. Then the gypsy kids surrounded him and when I got back they were sitting around talking to him. He was showing them a plane ticked and explaining something. That picture of him sitting on his bags in a dusty corner in Belgrade with these kids listening to his stories without even understanding what he's saying - that will remain forever in this head of mine. That's this magnetic power that he had...
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Postby vwfreak42 » Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:48 pm

It's all a bit of bad, bad timing for me... I got into the Dead Milkmen pretty heavy in about 9th grade, (1990-91) which I credit to my best friend back then, and the wonderful "Best of" tape she made for me. We would wander the halls shouting "burrow owl, burrow owl!" at each other, would commonly greet each other with "Hey Jack, what's happenin'?" etc. You know the drill... years pass, and my obsession kinda fades a little (but only so much- I bought a '73 VW a number of years back and was thrilled that it ALREADY HAD the cow logo sticker on it! What luck!) but I still had a few songs on my MP3 player, still a fan...

3 weeks (or so) age, one of my best friends bestows upon me, for no reason at all, the Philadelphia in Love DVD, and lo and behold, my obsession returns full force. I hit the website and find out about Now We Are 20- buy it. Find myself a new copy of Beelzebubba- buy it. Feelin' 14 again... On the night of the 9th, I was out with my friend who bought the DVD for me, and I told him, you've brought something back to me that I've missed so much. Then I check my email on Thursday to find that Dave Blood is gone. I had rediscovered something that had made me so happy through those bad high school years, that made me feel the same still. And now I'm just sad. My thoughts go out to everyone involved so closely with this. I mean, I'll always have what I've frankly, always had- the music. But some of you have lost a brother, a true friend. Nothing can compare to that. I think of you all, every day, rocking out to "Laundromat" in the car. Take care.
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In loving memory...

Postby Ludwig Von Strokanov » Sun Mar 14, 2004 2:34 pm

OK, I could go on about how suicide is for chumps and normally I would show no sympathy for people who choose such action but this is a man who, combined with other great artists, played a huge role in what I've become as a musician myself. Today, I mourn for the first time over a suicide. Dave Blood, although I never made any sort of contact with the man, wrote the catchiest basslines which "still chill me to this very day" and get stuck in my head and manifest during jam sessions. One in particular, "Surfin' Cow" always seems to pop up after blazing a few. So, allz I gots to say is,

"Say hi to Frank Zappa for me Dave, I'll be there eventually. But I'm gonna stick it out here first. I've got many legacies to continue in the time I've got on this planet and yours is definitely one of them. I'd have 'Dave Blood R.I.P.' tattoed on me but I think I'll just settle for the cow head as a reminder of my youth and the joy you brought me when I used to sk8. Although I agree to disagree with your decision in life, I understand that it was your decision and that you obviously had your reasons for doing so. At the Tulameen Daze Festival this year, we'll be sure to pay special tribute to the Dead Milkmen and all they stood for to ensure that such a legendary act never gets lost in the murky depths of pawn shops and used record stores collecting dust. Even though that's where I've run into most of your albums, respectively! So, here's to you Dave. Tonight, we light up, sip hot tea and celebrate your life's accomplishments rather than wallow in our loss. I encourage others to the same. I mean c'mon, you can't put Dead Milkmen and pity in the same sentence people! Take 'er easy Dave, till next time brother."

~Ludwig Von Strokanov of Toxic Shock Syndrome
When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth...
Ludwig Von Strokanov
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R.I.P Dave Blood

Postby dandrew » Sun Mar 14, 2004 3:29 pm

My deepest condolences to the Schultise family, Joe, Rodney, Dean, and to every single person who has posted their memories and personal connections to Dave. I never had the pleasure of meeting Dave personally but told Kurt, his brother, once that although Dave didn't know it, he personally taught me how to play bass guitar. Obviously my talent pales in comparison to that of 11070, Lord Maniac, and Dave Blood, but he inspired me and countless other people with his music and the way he lived his life. Like most of the people here have already said I, too, was "raised" with the Dead Milkmen (I'm still somewhat of a young-un, 25, so I missed out on the joy of seeing them grow through the 80's, but have been a die-hard fan since I first heard the first note of 'Watching Scotty Die' some 15 years ago) and I only got to see them once....their last show ever. My ears are still ringing and I'll never forget the smile that didn't leave my face for like 6 weeks. Maybe it was the contact high from the people smoking pot there, or maybe it was something else. Like a feeling that I, too, belonged to something. A group of people who take what life gives them and learns to deal with it with a sense of humour. It's been said numerous times here but still remains true....we always have the music to keep Dave alive. We've all got an appointment 6 feet under the ground but on my way their I'll be listening to 'Death's Alright With Me.' I'm still crying rainbow tears though.
R.I.P. Dave.
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the day we shall remember Dave Blood!

Postby brain_eaters138 » Sun Mar 14, 2004 5:36 pm

on March 15-22nd i would like every one pay tribute to that great man. . . im sorry he had to kill himself. . . it is very upseting i will miss him, i love you Dead Milkmen i will never forget you!!!!!
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the day we shall remember Dave Blood!

Postby brain_eaters138 » Sun Mar 14, 2004 5:36 pm

on March 15-22nd i would like every one pay tribute to that great man. . . im sorry he had to kill himself. . . it is very upseting i will miss him, i love you Dead Milkmen i will never forget you!!!!!
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thanks dave. we all miss you.

Postby The Jeff Penalty » Sun Mar 14, 2004 5:59 pm

i met dave once after the very last dead milkmen show. i didn't realize it was the last show until rodney said something about it on stage, so at the time i was floored by the idea of the band ending while at the same time overcome with the joy that invariably went with seeing the milkmen live and the sense that i was taking part in what was surely going to be a historical show. dave was extremely polite to me and the other hangers-on who were bugging him for face time in the alley behind the trocadero afterwards. we didn't talk about much, just bullshit about the band ending and what else he was up to. it's impossible to really know someone after such a brief meeting, but the impression i've carried with me since that night is that dave was a sweet, genuine, and generous guy without an ounce of rock n' roll pretentiousness. it's good to see that the stories and comments people have posted confirm my feelings about him.

the dead milkmen were one of the greatest bands to ever walk the earth and there's no real way to explain how much they've meant to me. not only did they rock my socks, but their attitude and sense of humor very much influenced the way i live my life. even though i never got to know dave personally, i feel a deep sense of loss with his passing because he was an integral part of something that continues to be an integral part of me.

my most sincere sympathies go out to dave's family and friends. my heart goes out to all the other fans like me out there. and my most humble thanks and best wishes go out to dave himself, who created better music and, inadvertently, a better jeff.

rest in peace, dave.

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Postby lucreziaborgia » Sun Mar 14, 2004 6:23 pm

I just can not believe it.Dave was such a great person.He was so intelligent and kind.I have so many great memories of him .I will always remember him.
Volunteering at the soup kitchens in the 80's in W Philadelphia.A fight broke out and Dave quickly got us out if there.I remember he wore a skirt that day.He always looked great.He could pull anything off when it came to clothes.
I am so sad.
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Postby lisamcc » Sun Mar 14, 2004 8:17 pm

"Now, we feel so sad about losing you, as one sometimes feels sad at
nightfall. But we will have our morning when our spirits will lift, our
sadness will lighten and we will realize we haven't really lost you, because
your uniqueness to us all will always live in our hearts."

-Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko
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Postby SiviSokol » Sun Mar 14, 2004 9:35 pm

I'm still pretty inarticulate right now, but I wanted to write and offer my deepest condolences to Dave's family and all those close to him.

I feel privledged to have been his friend, to have know someone of such wit, humor and insight. We shared interests in Balkan arcana, punk music and random acts of destruction. He told me touring stories and taught me about politics and literature. This hurts, and I am going to miss him greatly.

Eternal Memory- Vecnaja Pamjat
Your friend,

Pomeni, Gospode, nas prijatelj Dejvid, usnule u nadi na vaskresenje u zivot vecni. Oprosti mu svako sagresenje, hotimicno i nehotimicno, sto sagresise recju, ili delom, ili mislju. Useli ga u mesta svetla, u mesta svezine, u mesta odmora, odakle odbeze svaka muka, zalost i uzdisanje, gde gledanje lica tvoga veseli sve od veka svete tvoje. Daruj im carstvo tvoje i ucesce u vecnim i neiskazanim tvojim dobrima, i nasladivanje u tvom beskonacnom i blazenom zivotu. Jer si ti zivot i vaskrenje i pokoj usnule tvoje dece, Hriste Boze Nas, i tebi slavu uzasiljemo ca bespocetnim tvojim Ocem i Presvetim i blagim i zivotvornim tvojim Duhom, sada i uvek i u vekove vekova. Amin.
(Serbian Prayer for the Dead)
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Sadness From Australia

Postby Finian » Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:36 pm

The Dead Milkmen-ites here in Melbourne are filled with sorrow at the passing of our frend.

The music of the Milkmen is still the main thing that united us over the past 10 years. I met a new friend 2 months ago who come up to me because I was wearing a Milkmen shirt. Instantly we became the best of friends.

The whole group of us sat till the sun came up night after night for years and years singing along, strumming guitar to every chord of every song on every album. Night after night. Year after year. I sat yesturday and strummed and sang 'the meaning of life' by myself....played the guitar solo from 'Punk Rock Girl', and decided it was a great day.

Earlier this year, everynight when I retruned home I got excited I had butterfly's at the thaught that the package that contained my new Milkment T-Shirts would be here today . My favorate shirt is my Milkmen shirt.

And when the DVD was announced we checked over and over to see if it was available yet. Again I ran home day after day hoping it was here.

I wonder if Dean would have thaught differnetly about the world knowing that there are 10 friends so far away as Australia who's most listened to music was, and still is Deans Music....that the music is not something we just listen to, but we feel it is a major part of our lives, our up-bringing, who we are. We are Milkmen fans.

I wonder if Dean understood that if we were in the same room as one of us we would not know what to say, beacause we were so blown away to be near our hero, that he would see the world in a different light....if he know how amazing we thaught he was, how important he was to us, how much of an impact he made to us....All the way on the other side of the world.

...and we will sing the songs for many years to come...

Thank you for what you have given us Dean.
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Dave R.I.P.

Postby Doc » Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:39 pm

Right now ,I don't think the music is gonna sound the same for me ever again...
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Postby AngryEskimoPete » Sun Mar 14, 2004 11:07 pm

I've never met Dave or the band, seen them live, actually, I'm younger and only heard of Dead Milkmen after they had broken up.

The thing is Dead Milkmen grew to be one of my favorite bands almost instantly. They had a certain sound and style and Dave was great on the bass.

I'm sorry to everyone that knew him, he'll be missed, he was part of something great and he was something great himself.
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