Rodney @ Tattooed Mom 8/21 7pm

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Rodney @ Tattooed Mom 8/21 7pm

Postby RupertPupkin » Wed Aug 20, 2014 1:46 pm

Hi Everyone - The Philadelphia Podcast Festival is in its second year, and Rodney was nice enough to agree to come on our show as a guest on 8/21 at 7pm (he'll probably be more like 7:30, but, you know). He'll be promoting the upcoming Milkmen show at Laurel Hill Cemetery, most likely playing a song (you can see my other dumb post for a clue as to which), and we will be taking suggestions on things to add to his Wikipedia page.

We'll also have two great Philadelphia comedians, Alex Pearlman and Chris Coccia. There will be some sort of giveaway that we haven't planned yet because it's a podcast and the reason you do that and not radio is because you're bad at planning and many other aspects of professionalism.

It's totally free, and if that weren't enough reason to go, it's also fifty cent pierogi night! Come find me and use promo code "pierogi" and I'll give you a quarter towards your first pierogi purchase. Half off a fifty cent pierogi? Can you imagine such an oasis in a world full of pricey pierogis?

This is still a new festival so come out and support local podcasters.

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